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To my Wedding Ceremony

NEVER EVER just "let your fingers do the walking."
Recommendations and referrals are the best, and by far the only way to select your wedding service providers.

You can walk into a florist and see and smell beautiful flowers.
You can go see and hear a band play or listen to them on a recording or video and easily see and hear a DJ do his thing.
You can even look at a photographer or videographer's work in his studio.

But you can't see a wedding officiant perform a ceremony unless you
attend an actual wedding.
So, I extend to you and your fiancé a very special invitation to see
me perform a wedding ceremony.

This is the only way you can see why the wedding ceremony I perform is truly beautiful and unique and will become the most important part of your wedding day.
I guarantee it.



Important: If you can't attend my ceremony, or even if you will be attending my ceremony, be sure to see the beautiful letters below that I received from my very happy and satisfied couples.

The Perfect Ceremony

Are you dreaming of the perfect wedding, the most romantic, eloquent and inspiring ceremony to join you and your true love as you recite your wedding vows?

Dream no more. I am here to grant your wishes and help make your dream day come true.

I am the right person to put all your hopes and dreams together into a ceremony that will reflect your love, your emotions and your commitment to each other.

Click on the letters below for an enlarged view to see what other couples have to say about me, as well as my ceremonies.

Wow! Marissa sang the song "Bobby McGee" just for me!

"Whew! All their family and guest are calling and writing saying, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful and it was the best wedding that they ever attended."

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, and a room full of love!

He cried, the guests renewed their vows, they even said I was handsome and now they want me in California. Wow!

Wow! They called it a Fairy Tale Ceremony!"

Rave reviews all the way from Paris

"...And he's a computer wizard too. Hmmm...what else does he do?"

"They said I used all the right words in all the right ways, but most importantly, I told them to relax and enjoy the day. They did."

"They tied the knot on Top of the World!"

"An extraordinary ceremony performed in a truly magnificent atmosphere, the Riverhead Aquarium...and even the fish, sharks and whales smiled."

"One of the most beautiful letters I've ever received, it really made my day!"

"A very beautiful letter from a very beautiful couple. It made my day!"


" A honeymoon that started with a hurricane and ended with a fire & they still thought about my beautiful ceremony, Incredible!"

"Wow! This letter written in English and Spanish was like a beautiful Christmas Card from a beautiful couple."


"I married an entire family by the Jersey Shore"

"By a beautiful sea for a beautiful couple"


Captain Arnold
Interfaith Chaplain
New York
(516) 413-4555 or (718) 767-6242
London & United Kingdom
0207 096 0681